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David Gergis

My name is David Gergis. With over 12 years of accounting experience, I have acquired a significant understanding of personal and business finances, budgeting and tax planning. Aside from my accounting services, I specialize in providing strategic counsel to my clients that enables them to increase their financial literacy and accomplish their financial goals in record time. I hold a Bachelor’s of Science in Accountancy from Berkeley College and a Master’s of Science in Accountancy from St. Peter’s University.

My formal education as well as 12 years of experience providing accounting services for luxury brands, million dollar corporations as well as launch phase entrepreneurs provides me with an enate ability to give comprehensive accounting, planning and bookkeeping services to clients of all phases.

As an accountant and tax preparer, I understand the importance of my role within a client’s life and operation. My dedication to providing hands on, results-oriented services while educating my clients along the way is the unique edge I bring to the organization.

My affiliations include American Accounting Associations and National Society of Accountants. You and your business are in good hands with Everyday Accounting!